Inthewoods Sugar Bush

Inthewoods Sugar Bush

Located just off Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Inthewoods manages 17 acres of land that has been in the Wagner family and farmed for generations.

Inthewoods processes sap from 2,500 maple trees. They collect 50,000 gallons of sap and produce 1,400 gallons of pure maple syrup. In addition to award-winning pure maple syrup, Inthewoods also makes granulated pure maple sugar, maple candies, and delicious maple cream.

They have gone from boiling sap in the woods in an open pan to a sophisticated tubing system, reverse osmosis equipment and a high efficiency wood-fired evaporator.

Their sugar shack was built by a true maple craftsman - from handmade cabinets to an intensofire arch that was fabricated on-site. A visit to their sugar shack is a unique experience that elicits the nostalgia of historic maple production but with 21st century production methods. It’s not your typical rustic cabin in the woods.

Inthewoods Boiler

Most of the syrup produced is Grade A amber pure maple syrup with an amazing, classic maple flavor.

Jesse, his wife Margo and his father John farm the Wagner land and are meticulous with each product they produce. Attention to detail is very important to them, and it’s what ensures a superior finished product. They do it because it’s truly what they love.

Jesse and Margo
As a young boy, I would help my father collect sap in the woods. My bucket usually had more snakes in it than sap, but the tradition stayed with me. Every year, I look forward to working with my dad in the woods. – Jesse
It’s very satisfying to take something from Mother Nature, add absolutely nothing to it and get an awesome product from it. - Margo

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